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About All Night Long

Big parties have moved on a long way from the dance halls where boy pushes girl around a dimly lit floor. Now they are complete stage productions, with sophisticated lighting and music which is an art form in its own right, rapidly picking up and working on the emotions of the moment, with gourmet-standard food and drink and stylish shows fit to compete with any theatre, involving professional performers who combine elements of pantomime, dance and striptease. In short, they are a highly explosive complete product, a modern artistic experience. The days of huge discotheques, where piles of discs sat waiting to be played like books in a library, are long gone. Now club culture prevails, and this is where the operas of the 21st century are being staged.

DJ culture is the avant-garde of today, inspired by contemporary trends and in its turn inspiring its public. Not for nothing do the creators of fashion try to get in on the scene. Even in the early 90s, Jean Paul Gaultier had drag queens appear at his fashion shows whom he – a little late, as befits a successful maestro – had taken from the club scene. The "Freitag" bags from the Recycling Kids even got as far as being presented at the Museum of Modern Art.

One of the most well-known names here in Switzerland in connection with late-night productions is that of DJ René S. Of Sicilian extraction, but more than one hundred per cent a native of Bachenbülach, he soaks up the trends of urban life, from the children of Harajuku in Tokyo to the boutiques of Lower Manhattan, wherever he finds them in music, film, fashion, food, computer games, lifestyle hotels, galleries, shops – and he presents them in an intuitive and emotional way. He is constantly travelling, whether in a physical or virtual sense, and he not only reflects trends but sets them too. His penchant for sunglasses has more or less become his trademark and has been adopted by many devotees of this kind of scene.

The 'All Night Long' label, taken from the album sampler of the same name, represents the dynamic club culture in Zurich, presented at the Kaufleutensaal venue by René S and a creative team, for an interested and sophisticated audience of city professionals. Interior design is always by Irena Küng and the people from the underground designers Time Tunnel, where Tyler Brûlé supplemented his collection with domestic objects from the 50s, even before he designed the livery for the short-haul airline SWISS. At the parties, artists appear from the European Mecca of club culture, from Riccione, performing adroitly on the boundary between youthful athleticism and lascivious decadence, thereby astonishing the partygoers who are, in Zurich as in Italy, at heart well-behaved.

On 10 September 2005 at the Kaufleuten club in Zurich, DJ René S will be taking the step from fashion victim to fashion designer. With Lotta Müller, who has trained at the renowned Accademia Marangoni in Milan to become a virtuoso seamstress, he has made his idea of the perfect garment a reality. This is to be no ordinary T-shirt, but the expression of the All Night Long sensation in fabric. Selected textiles as used by fashion king Giorgio Armani are being hand-produced – as the name implies – in the factories of Northern Italy, so that they are only available in very small quantities. They are printed with a special motif, answering by association the question "What makes an All Night Long partygoer?"

This newly invented T-shirt comes in two versions, one more suitable for the prima donnas of the disco night, and the other intended for their male counterparts, although there is no need to stick to a strict division of roles. René is particularly proud of the feminine version, because if flatters the beautiful bodies of all women and, like the tunics of olden times, suits both Twiggy shapes and, as René remarks with a gleam in his eye, the unfortunately no longer fashionable Rubenesque figure.


René S. came to the attention of the underground scene in 1995, when he issued his first record "Delicious Poem" as co-founder of Delicious Inc. Various well-known New York DJs such as Little Louis Vega, Toni Humphries and Roger Sanchez helped break the mix of house and Maya Angelou's poetry.

René S. was earning his living from music as early as 1990, first as an architectural student in Florence, then as a full-time DJ in Riccione. He appeared in famous clubs and after-hours bars in the house Mecca on the Riviera, where what was intended to be a brief work experience trip turned into a four-year stay. The italo-swiss national lives in Bachenbülach near Zurich where he grew up.

Supermarket, Indochine, Labor, Blush and Pink, Private Fiction, Kaufleuten in Zurich, Casineum in Lucerne, Bar Rouge in Basle, Prestige and Liquid in Berne, D-Club in Lausanne, Ral 3018 in Lugano and other clubs throughout Switzerland are his home turf, punctuated by appearances in Italy and in the Big Apple (Orchard Club, Jeannie Hooper) and at the Headquarters of the Ministry of Sound, in London. He especially enjoys appearing with house icons Thomas Banglater (Daft Punk) and Cassius. Highlights of 2004 include the Jonny Sluts event (Nag nag nag), Prince Filiberto of Savoy's party during the Venice Film Festival, and of course the only Prodigy concert in Zurich, at which René S. appeared as the closing act. In 2005 the "fashion victim" – as he describes himself – and trend scout got into the fashion business with his T-shirts. This year he organised the party at Art "06 in Riehen.

René S.'s style is a mix of the sound of Philadelphia and rock, music in which he was immersed by his two older brothers right from being very young. A short time later he threw himself heart and soul into NYC garage, and at the moment he feels a particular attachment to deep house and electro.

He brought out three compilations on Universal Music: "Liaison" in 2002, "All Night Long" in 2003 and "All Night Long 06" in 2006. In 2004 he helped compile Musikvertrieb's "Mykonos The Light"; collaborated on the "Mykonos 05" compilation for "Clubstar" last year and this year was involved in "MTV Gate 2 IBIZA" for TBA.

René enjoys organising joint events such as the cult "All Night Long" events at Kaufleuten, with artists from Riccione, and the avant-garde decoration for the Time Tunnel in Zurich, or the musical arrangement for the Late Party in the hallowed halls of the Zurich Tonhalle.


Mauro Venice discovered his great passion for dance music in the year 1994 and already tried to beatmatch his three vinyl discs at the age of 15 at the youth meeting place in the Zurich “Kreis 5 district”. He did this for hours and almost daily, and it's still a puzzle to him as to just why and how he was able to carry out so many practice hours with only three records.

Yet along the lines of "Practice makes perfect", Mauro Venice was able to establish himself as a Zurich DJ after hard work and a lot of patience.
Since 1994, he was able to spin his discs at various locations including: Kaufleuten, Supermarket, Zoo Club, Kanzlei, Gothic, OXA, Antaris, Ruby, Matrix, Schiffbau, Pravda, Pier-West, Bling, The Lake Side, Embassy (Rimini), Herb, etc.

Mauro was also able to present his sounds at very many parties such as Bombshell, Fantomas, Starcake, Magnyfic, Wybo-Lounge, Housemarket, etc.
He also made his contribution over the airwaves: as a guest DJ on Radio 24, guest DJ on Radio Top, and resident and guest DJ on Radio Street-Parade (1999–2002), variously together with DJ René S.

It was also as a promoter that Mauro was able to gather many experiences in recent years.
In the year 1999, he was co-founder and organizer of the successful "Fantomas" house parties at the Zurich dance club Supermarket, working with Urs Diethelm and Mike Levan.

For over four years, Mauro Venice has, with very great enthusiasm, been resident DJ and coordinator at the now legendary ALL NIGHT LONG party in the well-known Zurich club Kaufleuten, thanks to outstanding cooperation with DJ René S.

Mauro’s music style can certainly no longer be defined with the umbrella term of "house music." His style in the house genre moves in the meantime between jazzy, funky, deep, electro, minimal and garage house: in other words - an eclectic mix within this segment!
To experience Mauro's styles more precisely, it is best to be there at one of his DJ sets!